The Engineer Guy

The Engineer Guy


1000 Tradeport Blvd #1011, Atlanta, GA 30354


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How’d we get our start?

Back in 2000, Nelson was working for a privately held plastics distribution company in Atlanta as their composite products manager. It was a pretty cool job. But, the company’s owner had a chance to sell the entire operation to one of the suppliers who then merged it with another competitor. What was fun became much less so. Those of you with first-hand experience with a merger or acquisition know of what we speak. And those of you probably know already what happened shortly thereafter. Yep. In the summer of 2002 Nelson got “right sized”. Most of you know that term by a more familiar one. “Laid off”.

Nelson tried the manufacturer’s rep thing the first year. No fun. So, in the summer of 2003 he started buying and selling product under the banner of “The Engineer Guy”.

A few short months later, Nelson got offered the chance to be Smooth-On’s distributor for Georgia. Of course, Nelson accepted the offer!

Thanks to Clay and Trey at Smooth-On, and to a small but growing collection of wonderful vendors, we grew into and out of 1500 square feet, then 2600 square feet. Today, we’re in a little over 5000 square feet down by the Atlanta airport, with four full time and several part-time folks on staff.